1.	    How does your event coverage work?
You select the coverage that best suits your particular needs; we offer 4, 6, 8, or 10-hour coverage.  This coverage includes all your proofs, a proof book, and your own personal web address that includes all your photos that your friends and family can log into to view and purchase.

2.	    What if my event does not fall into those constraints?
Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular situation.

3.	    What kind of equipment do you use?
Professional Digital SLR cameras.  We also have backup equipment.  Today’s digital cameras are as good as or better than traditional film cameras. Digital also gives us the ability to retouch, color correct, or apply special effects easily.

4.	    How many photographers will be at my event.
One photographer is the norm.  We do, however, offer 2 photographer coverage at an additional fee.

5.	    How many years have you been photographing weddings and events?
Over 20 years.

6.	    What kind of albums do you use?
Only the finest quality proofbooks and albums are used.  They are archival and acid free which means they will preserve and protect your memories for years to come.  We have a variety of styles and colors.  Something for everyone.  I have lots of samples you can view.

7.	    Do I get to keep my proof book?
Absolutely.  It is yours to keep. All the photographs taken at your event will appear in your proof book.  We do not stamp “PROOF” across any of our photos.

8.	    Do you offer black and white photographs?
Yes along with hand colored sepia toned and special effects at no additional charge. See the bottom of the page for examples.

9.	    Where will you be during the ceremony?
We try to remain as unobtrusive as possible during the ceremony; we will also respect the wishes of the church or officiant.

10.	How long should we plan for the wedding portraits or park photographs?
Generally an hour or so for the family portraits after the ceremony, a bit longer if your families are large.  Plan 1 1/2 to 2 hours if you would like to go to the park or another location for wedding party photographs.  The more time you allow for photographs, the more creative and interesting your album will be.  It also helps keeping the stress level at a minimum if we are not rushing from place to place.

11.	Can we meet with you to discuss our wedding day plans?
Of course.  I like to get to know my couples, and to get a feel for what kind of photographs they would like.  I don’t do cookie cutter poses or follow a list.  I want to hear what is important to you.  Your personalities should be reflected in your photos.

12.	Do you travel outside of the Greater Cleveland Area or do destination weddings?
        Yes we do.  Please call for more information. Travel expenses, airfare lodging etc, must be paid for in 
        advance by the contracting party.

    13.     Do you do have experience shooting weddings from different cultural backgrounds.
    Yes, many different faiths and ethnic backgrounds.
      Original Photo                        Black & White                       Sepia Toned                    Handcolored
Examples of different photographic techniques
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